Владимирская областная общественная организация в поддержку детей-инвалидов, инвалидов и их семей «Ассоциация Родителей Детей-Инвалидов «СВЕТ»
Владимирская областная общественная организация  в поддержку детей-инвалидов, инвалидов и их семей «Ассоциация Родителей Детей-Инвалидов «СВЕТ»

About us

 Vladimir regional social organization “Association of Parents of Disabled children “Light”, opened its doors on September 1, 1995. The organization was created by parents of children with disabilities.

Today our organization unites parents whose children have different diseases such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, etc. It all have started with the unification of parents whose children are called “unteachable”.

In 1995 it was very hard to prove that children whose status is “unteachable” have the right of education and development, and that they are not different from ordinary people. It’s obvious that they are incapable of doing higher mathematics, but they still can sew, cook meals, sing, act in the theater, and even play chess. The initiative of our organization was supported by Vladimir City Council and the Department of Youth Affairs of the city administration that not only understood the parents, but also offered cooperation. As a result of the joint work of our organization and the Department of Youth, “School of life” was created for children that were previously deemed "unteachable." They were taught basic numeracy, shopping, reading, writing, communication and self-help skills. We are sure that there are no "unteachable" children. Every child can achieve great things with the active support of adults. The results were not long in coming.

VOOO ARDI "Light" has realized the right of education for “unteachable” children : School of life has been working since 1995, children with a complex structure of a defect have been taught since 2001, additionally, speech therapists have been working with the children who can’t move since this time, children with difficult structure of defect living in a mental institution have been taught since 2008, young people with a complex structure of the defect ,who don’t have basic education, can get the profession "seamstress" in Vladimir Lyceum №39 since 2005.

Deaf, hard of hearing and cochlear implanted children have been taught in integration classes of Vladimir secondary school № 14 since 1998.

Children and young people with disabilities have been engaging in computer literacy, hippotherapy and therapeutic riding, rehearsing in an exemplary manner "The theatre of goodness and friendship of special children", and coming out with performances for the residents of the area since 1998.

Since 2005 VOOO ARDI "Light" has been working on teaching young people with severe disabilities to live independently in special "training flats": full-time study, 2-day, 1-2 month.

Since 2005 VOOO ARDI “Light” has been maintaining the project of attended (supported) living of people with disabilities as an alternative to psychoneurological boarding schools.

In 2009 VOOO ARDI "Light" developed the project of the law of the Vladimir region "On the Commissioner for Children's Rights in the Vladimir region," which was adopted by the Legislative Assembly. In 2010 the Chairman of the Board, Lubov Ivanovna Katz, worked as the first Commissioner for Children's Rights in the Vladimir region on a voluntary basis with paralegals - volunteers VOOO ARDI "light."

In 2011 center of help for young families with children with special needs “Mishutka and his friends” opened its doors.

VOOO ARDI "Light" provides assistance to 34 programs: social adaptation, employment, sport and creative rehabilitation of children and young people with disabilities. It also provides free legal assistance to people with disabilities and methodological assistance to public organizations of disabled persons. VOOO ARDI "Light" is the center of the volunteer work of students. It conducts "Lessons of Kindness" for the schoolchildren of the city, "Days of tolerance" for students, schoolchildren, residents of the area.

More information about the programs you can find at: Vladimir, ul. 850 letiya, house № 7, Apt. 2 or in our site - http://svet33.ru/

Every Friday from 6 p.m. the chairman of VOOO ARDI "Light", the adviser of the Governor of the Vladimir region, a member of the Human Rights Commission under the Governor of the Vladimir region, Lyubov Ivanovna Kats, provides people with legal assistance.